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Our courses were crafted by traders who’ve made mistakes and learned the hard way. Take full advantage of our knowledge and experience and skill up your trading to new levels

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What you will learn

Market basics & price action theory

Market economics

ECN & how it benefits traders

Charting & trading patterns

Technical and fundamental analysis

Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain

Risk management & trading psychology

Advanced trading strategies

Traders at Different Levels of Expertise Trust Us

We pride ourselves in our diligence, which has communicated trust among traders at various levels of expertise. Our instructors have devoted time to staying up-to-date with the market changes so that we can give you the best possible experience. This course prepares our students psychologically and intellectually to face the markets because we know this is how you profit. And our results and mode of tutoring have gained the trust of every one of our students, both old and new.

Some Stories From Our Past Students

The programme is very well structured, being organised in a way that releases trading education to you on a progressive basis. This gives you time to gain the knowledge and confidence in implementing each set of strategies, before moving onto the next set of more advanced strategies.

I am very pleased with my progress so far and can see my rate of successful trades gradually increasing.

I started my Forex trading journey with Coursesspecialist. Their fundamental training is excellent and consist of easy to understand. I am a fan of Coursesspecialist systematic approach to education and trading. The courses save a great deal of time by identifying potential setups for trading, leaving the user to refine these opportunities by applying technical and fundamental analyses before entering into the best setups.

An absolute excellent way to learn how to trade the biggest market in the world. With top class courses, beginners like myself can understand the complexities of how to trade and more importantly when not to trade. Highly recommended.

Why Get this Course?

Our instructors give you adequate information that helps you strengthen your foundation in trading. Some things we cover include;

Charting & Trading Patterns

We teach you to read charts and graphs that take your trading to the next level.

Trading Tools

We give you access to the most powerful trading tools and help you grasp them easily.

MetaTrader 4

Learn how to use the most popular trading platform.

Trading Strategies

Discover the most functional trading strategies and take a step further in your trading journey.

We’re here for you!

Our community is here for you 24/6 to support and share trading ideas via our online members community board.

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Our course exposes you to the best instructors with the most experience. We put you in real-life situations to boost your confidence and profit and achieve your financial trading dreams.

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